Stackthatmoney Coupon – Stack That Money Review

By now you’ve probably heard of a forum called StackThatMoney. It’s a very popular resource and community for internet marketers who want to learn and master the art of CPA marketing.Stackthatmoney Coupon

I have been a member in the past and was very impressed by the content inside, so I’ve been promoting it now for the last two years. But just recently I’ve increased my earnings for referral commissions exponentially, and here’s how.

So, previously I was just promoting StackThatMoney through a couple of ranked YouTube videos and a post on my site.

However, in the last several months I’ve been doing a few different things and it’s made all the difference (despite having my YouTube channel terminated).

So, first, I actually setup multiple YouTube channels and have been uploading videos and streaming YouTube live events (which rank faster) for every possible StackThatMoney keyword I could find, using a tool called, which is amazing. And the tool I’ve been using to help speed up the process and save me loads of time in streaming my live events across multiple accounts is Live Stream Genius.

I uploaded videos to multiple channels and added my referral links in the description of the videos.

And then I also created multiple reviews on more than one website that I own for every possible keyword again (to siphon free organic traffic from Google). If you want to learn my exact strategy you can check it out here.

So, for the website strategy, my whole goal is to get traffic to my site. Because once they’re on a page I tag them with my affiliate link using a plugin called WP Zero Bounce, which is a super cheap plugin for WordPress and highly effective.

These few changes alone have taken my monthly income from $40-90 to several hundred dollars each month now and growing.

Below is a recent screenshot to show how my referral commissions continue to increase month after month.