Hitleap Website Script – Hitleap Review

Hitleap is a pretty amazing traffic source that I don’t really hear a lot of other marketers talking about. Looks like it’s been around for a few years, since about 2012 or so. But I want to dive into it and share what it is and how I have been using it.

So, basically what Hitleap is is a traffic exchange service. And the way it works is you would first create a free account, then download a piece of software to your computer, have it running on your computer, and basically it would cycle through and view other people’s websites, and then in exchange you would receive credits which you could use and have other people’s programs “view” your website.

But for those of you who want to speed things up you can just buy views or visitors. And while this is very cheap, basically “junk” traffic, there are a couple of ways that you can use this.Hitleap Website Script

One way that you can use it, is if you’re looking to get really cheap traffic to a website or maybe a YouTube video just to get some social proof. With more views to your website you can increase your Alexa ranking. With more views and visits to your YouTube videos they will naturally appear higher in the Google and YouTube search rankings as well as attract more free organic views.

Now, Hitleap does offer a free and then also a premium account. For marketers, I would highly recommend the premium account, because it allows you to earn more commission per referral and it also allows you to purchase more website slows for scaling your campaigns.

As far as capacity and scaling, I’m not sure exactly how many views Hitleap can provide, but I have personally used to to consistently drive over 2 million views per day.

Learn more about Hitleap and the ways you can use it and benefit from it by watching my video review above.

Hitleap Traffic Arbitrage Guide